A corporate philosophy of passion to ensure each customer the highest quality

The quality of the end products and, even before that, of the selected materials is one of our main cornerstones on which we base our work.

To achieve excellence we have to ensure, continually study and carry out research. We are aware of this need and therefore we are constantly investing in staff training and in Industry 4.0.

Our business stands out for its total dedication to its customers and the way it takes their specific needs to heart. Our mission is to ensure the customer understands the true quality of the end result when using our products.

The highest levels of performance are achieved by valuing our human resources. It is important for us to identify each individual employee's potential, to guarantee each member of our staff a motivating and professional growth.


A path that has lasted 36 years

Our factory was born in China in 1984. We have always been concerned about the needs of the territory. Over the years, it has become a competitive company in all the plumbing and heating industries. We have constantly strengthened our human resources, and our employees have participated in all stages of the production process to ensure the quality of our products and the research and development of new products in this way.

The company established and produced automotive instruments and camera accessories.
The transformation started with professional manufacturing, pipeline connection and valve products
Set up a new workshop of more than 10000 square meters and obtain ISO9001 certification
Completed STA trademark registration and established international sales department.
STA completes trademark registration in more than 40 countries
Automated equipment improvement for the Manufacturing plant
Fully upgrade the management system and import the erp management system software
wellhausen and Zhejiang Standard form a strategic cooperation
The company carried out share reform
Infinite possibilities coming soon


From local to international

The strong link with the territory has not prevented us from developing an international vision , which offers the possibility of confronting other giants of the sector and fueling the evolution of the company . We export our products to over 50 countries .