Wide market demand for valves, domestic process to be accelerated

2020-05-27 14:05:10

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The valve is the control part of the fluid conveying system, which has the functions of cut-off, regulation, diversion, prevention of countercurrent, stabilization, diversion or overflow. Its variety and specification, wide use, large consumption, can be divided into industrial valves and civil valves. Industrial valves are mainly used to regulate the medium flow, pressure, temperature, liquid level and other process parameters in the field of industrial automation process control. From the perspective of industrial chain, the upstream of valve industry is corresponding to the production industry of industrial raw materials such as castings, forgings, seals, etc., in which castings are the key components of valve production, and their supply efficiency and quality directly determine the delivery cycle of valve manufacturers and the quality of valve products. As the key part of fluid control, valve is widely used, and it is an essential basic part in chemical industry, food industry and other industries. Today, Xiaobian will take you to understand such an important valve! The current situation of China's valve market shows that in 2019, the output of China's valves will exceed 8 million tons. It is predicted that the compound annual growth rate will be about 3% in the next five years, and the valve output in China will reach more than 9.3 million tons in 2023. In addition, in the downstream demand structure of domestic valves, petrochemical, energy, electricity and oil and gas production and transmission account for 60.5% of the total. From the perspective of the currently under construction refining and chemical integration projects, the domestic refining and chemical expansion will continue to boom in 2020-2023. Currently, the refining capacity under construction is more than 200 million tons / year, the ethylene capacity is more than 20 million tons / year, and the total investment is more than 1 trillion yuan. It is estimated that the newly increased demand for valves in the refining field is about 11.5 billion yuan in 17-19 years, and 27.2 billion yuan in 20-23 years. At present, domestic key valve manufacturers have been able to design and manufacture various valves in accordance with international standards such as ISO international standards, DIN German standards, AWWA American standards, and some of the manufacturers' products have reached the international advanced level. Although the overall level of the valve industry has been greatly improved in the new year, but the quality is not stable enough, such as running, emitting, dripping, leaking phenomenon often occurs in domestic valves. In addition, there is still a certain gap between China's valve supporting capacity and developed countries. So, do you know the progress of valve localization? Let's have a look! With the development of valve localization, the global supply chain is facing a serious crisis. The import substitution of valve industry is urgent, and the process of valve localization needs to be accelerated. With the acceleration of industry upgrading and reorganization, and the rapid improvement of related valve technology, it is developing towards the direction of tight, strong corrosion resistance, convenient adjustment and high service life, and the comprehensive performance of products is expected to further improve. It is understood that China's valve localization started from scratch. At the beginning, China's promotion of valve localization was not smooth sailing, but also encountered layer upon layer of resistance, more of which was endless debate. Through the joint efforts and independent innovation of various valve manufacturers, China's valve equipment manufacturing industry has made breakthroughs and brilliant achievements in recent years in the nuclear level valves of nuclear power plants, full Welded Large Caliber Ball Valves of long-distance natural gas pipelines, key valves of ultra supercritical thermal power units, petrochemical industry and power plant industry and other high-end valve products under special conditions. For example, the scientific research project of steam generator quick isolation valve of demonstration fast reactor and the gas-liquid linkage actuator of main steam isolation valve of hualong-1 Zhangzhou nuclear power project have passed the acceptance successfully, which indicates that significant progress has been made in the research and development of key nuclear power valves in China, and it is qualified for the first domestic application. The realization of valve localization can not only replace the import, but also break the monopoly of foreign countries, driving the transformation and upgrading of the industry and scientific and technological progress. In addition, in order to have a long-term development of domestic valves, we must adjust and optimize the industrial structure. We should not only continue to give full play to the advantages of traditional valve industry, but also vigorously develop knowledge and technology intensive industries and emerging industries to promote the upgrading of valve industry. Finally, Xiaobian would like to say that with the constant acceleration of the pace of restructuring of the valve industry, the competition between the enterprises in the valve industry in the future will be the competition between the quality and safety of valve products and product brands, and the product quality cannot be ignored. China's valve enterprises should improve the product technology and quality, increase the research and development technology of high-end products, catch up with the international level as soon as possible, and improve the international competitiveness The production process needs to be accelerated to realize valve localization.